R1 Coatings®

R1 Coatings® Pro – a Nano Ceramic Coating that can be applied to almost any vehicle surface – provides the ultimate level of protection, durability, and shine available on the market. With a simple application, your vehicles will be protected from wear and tear while turning heads out on the road with a stunning shine and brilliance.

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R1 Coatings® Pro is a professional-grade product which is only available through approved applicators. If you have paint swirl marks, light abrasions or other minor imperfections only an approved R1 Coatings® Pro has the necessary skills and experience to perform the proper paint correction services and then apply R1 Coatings® to protect your vehicle for years to come.

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R1 COATINGS® Pro Benefits

Get Protection That Lasts

The grades are in! Compare the benefits of R1 Coatings® Pro versus traditional waxes and sealants:

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R1 Coatings® Pro is a clear, liquid, nano ceramic coating that can be applied in layers for the ultimate protection and shine. Once cured, R1 Coatings® Pro will transform itself into a permanent, durable shield. The coating provides industry-leading protection with many times the hardness of waxes, sealants and other protective products. R1 Coatings® Pro sets a new standard in vehicle care and protection and is only available through our R1 Coatings® Pro Approved Applicators.

Protection For Any Vehicle

R1 Coatings® Pro Covers It All

R1 Coatings® Pro can be applied to more than just cars and trucks. Every vehicle type can benefit from the protection provided by R1 Coatings® Pro including aircraft, boats, RVs, ATVs, Motorcycles and more!

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