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Mobile Auto Detailing in Charlotte NC

Mobile Auto Detailing in Charlotte

Eden Detailing
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We offer the most affordable and convenient mobile detailing packages in the Queen City area.  In case you are unfamiliar with mobile detailing, a few of the many benefits include:

  • We come to your location.  Whether you are at work or at home, we make sure that our services fit around your schedule.  There is no need to make time for us when you have plenty of other items on your to-do list.  Let us take care of the detailing without interrupting your daily schedule.
  • Trust. Many people have had problems with detailing shops “accidentally” forgetting to place items back into their cars when finished.  Beyond this, departing from your car always leaves room for concern.  For instance, what if you have a luxury car and the workers decide to take it out for a ride?  Also you may be concerned if they genuinely do what they say.  With a mobile detailing service, you can always check on our work when you are around.  You also don’t have to worry about a person doing anything to your car without you knowing.
  • Better communication.  Sometimes there may be a scratch that you were unaware of or oxidation that could be showing.  If you are near our detailer, like at your house, then he may be able to consult you and recommend ways to address the concern.  Perhaps he can fix it for you right then at little to no additional cost.  This also removes added cost and hassle later on to try and correct the problem.  Maybe you realize some important areas you would like special attention towards.  With a mobile detailer, you can let him know of your concern immediately.  This leads to a much greater quality of work and ultimately a more satisfied customer.

If you have ever been concerned about leaving your car at a detailing shop, then perhaps a mobile detailing service is for you.  Feel free to consult our pricing and services or give us a call today about scheduling an appointment at 704-464-0163.